What's your Cause?

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Maybe you've never thought about your purchase power when it comes to choosing a simple drinking cup.  But the truth is with any and every purchase you are supporting something.  We absolutely love the Caus drinkware for this very reason.  

1 in every 9 people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water

160 million people are affected by natural disasters every year

1000s of girls find themselves working in the world's largest red light districts every night not because they want to but because poverty leaves them no choice.

Every single purchase of a Caus cup gives 25% back to impacting a global movement of change, helping these communities in need.

It may be easy to put your head down and ignore these problems but Caus makes it easy for YOU to choose to make a difference and we are joining them in the Caus by carrying their drinkware at the Olive Branch.

Caus Drinkware is not only a purchase with a purpose but each cup is high quality and beautifully designed.  Each piece has double walled and vacuum insulated stainless steel with the latest temperature technology. Each cup can hold your favorite beverage cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. With a sweat-free finish, non-slip silicone bottom and spill resistant lid - you can feel confident on-the-go!

Check out the collection here

& Check out the Caus story

This Is My Caus from World Help on Vimeo.



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