Makeup Junkie Bag, Mini, Houndstooth

Makeup Junkie Bag, Mini, Houndstooth

  • $34.99

Tired of constantly worrying about your makeup bag tipping over and spilling all over the place? Our Make Up Junkie Bag offers a unique solution with its flat design that prevents it from falling over. Not only does this design feature provide added stability, but it also helps to keep your products organized and in place, so you can feel confident that nothing will spill or get damaged.

As seen on Shark Tank, MJ makeup bags feature an extended zipper, allowing easy access to all contents without the bag spilling.  Handmade in the USA, these makeup bags are lifetime guaranteed and multi-use, capable of also carrying credit cards, toiletries and other supplies.

Makeup Junkie Bags come in a variety of sizes, each with different dimensions to suit your needs. Here are the available sizes and their dimensions:

  1. Mini - 4" x 7"
  2. Small - 7" x 9"
  3. Medium - 8" x 11.5"
  4. Large - 9.5" x 13"
  5. XL - 12" x 14"

Please note that these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the design of the bag. Additionally, Makeup Junkie Bags are made with flexible materials, so the dimensions may vary based on the amount of items inside the bag.